3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Managed IT Service Provider

1. We help your business reduce operational costs

The biggest expense for most businesses is their payroll. When your computer, network, or software experience a disruption, you lose money in downtime (payroll), and in unrealized sales (revenue).

You may be paying for the fastest internet that money can buy, but that doesn’t matter if you have a misconfigured firewall. That alone could be the reason why your Internet moves slower than a snail. By partnering with us, you will be able to monitor your employees’ productivity in real time, and make sure that your system up-time keeps the money coming in.

2. We improve your organization's cybersecurity

The business technology you depend on is constantly changing. Security updates are being released on a weekly and sometimes daily basis by your software and hardware vendors. This is because there is always someone trying to find an easy way into your networks and devices.

Cyber criminals have realized that it is easier and more profitable to steal or corrupt data than it is to rob a bank. We can help you implement the appropriate backup plans for your business. We can also install all the updates that no one is installing at your office. This is required by most cyber insurance policies and an important component of all cyber security frameworks. Yes, we can also help with network security, endpoint security and help you apply the appropriate security policies and access permissions.

3. We help your business make more money

It has been said many times before: “sales are the lifeblood of every business”. Every business must have a good sales strategy to thrive. Most of your clients and customers are now online looking for your services and products.

You hired the people, built the tools, and created the strategy. We come in as an extra business partner with a wide array of knowledge and experience. We understand sales and technology. We can help you save thousands by helping you choose the best technology for your business strategy. Are you wanting to know why the $50K SEO project is not returning the profits that the marketing agency promised? Are you feeling lost with your email marketing campaign? Are you thinking about starting social media marketing?

We can sit at your table and look out for your best interest. When you become a client, we become your official virtual CIO. We will do everything we can to help your business be more productive, efficient, and profitable. Our goal is to solve business problems, not just tech problems.

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