Our History



The Origin Story

Before there was Roseville Tech Support, there was Compu Hero. It was a cute name and we had a cute logo with a little red cape. The name and the logo were fitting because we ran our business much like Superman–swooping in to save the day when our clients cried out for help. While we loved the satisfaction of dashing about to rescue clients from crashed servers and the blue screen of death, we began to feel that there had to be a better way.

Sure, superheroes get all the glory, saving the damsel in distress at the very last minute and conquering the villain all while news crews and grateful bystanders look on. But what if we could prevent these catastrophes in the first place?

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JUNE 2017

Hanging up the Cape

After we realized that there was a better way to support our clients, we knew it was time to hang up the cape. We transitioned our business model and our name to reflect our new goals: we became a managed service provider by the name of Roseville Tech Support.

MARCH 2018

A Better Business Model

The break/fix model that has been the mainstay of the IT industry for decades is, in many ways, great for the IT industry (letting them be the glorified heroes). But it is not great for the client. Instead of being the superhero, a managed service provider operates more like a family doctor. We have in mind the kind of family doctor who actually knows your name, asks after your kids, takes the time to really read your chart, and summons you each year for your well check–just in case things are going on under the surface that you aren’t aware of. Sometimes they hear a murmur in your heart and it saves your life. And sometimes you’re just feeling sluggish or something is off, and your family doctor is there to investigate, take your temperature, tweak your medication, and get you back on track. What a good family doctor does for your health, an MSP does for your technology.

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A New Name

Compu Hero was cute, but Roseville Tech Support is a name that better reflects our client-centered values. Support has many definitions, but the one that is most meaningful to us is the idea of “giving assistance, enabling to function or act.” Support isn’t about being flashy. To us, it’s about experience, expertise, detail-oriented planning, and diligent maintenance at the top of IT industry standards. Support means that we keep all your technology running smoothly, so that you can do what you really want to do–focus on your business.

APRIL 2019

Why Roseville?

While we happily serve the greater Sacramento region and beyond, we are based out of Roseville, California. Roseville Tech Support has called the beautiful community of Roseville home for many years. We are truly a local business here to serve our local community, in Roseville and surrounding regions, and our name reflects how much we value that.

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